What is Google My Business?

Google My Business - commonly known as GMB - is a free tool created by Google to help business owners to list their business on Google. It used to be known as Google Local and Google Places. 
This platform displays business listings and is a great opportunity for business owners to manage how they appear online. In your business listing on Google, you can display things like your business information, hours of operation, photos, services, etc. 

It is important to get in touch with your customers, and GMB will help local business owners to do so. Ranking in Google My Business is important to keep your business growing. 
A large percentage of the people looking on Google Search is actually looking for local businesses and their information. Therefore it is very important that you show up on the first page of Google search results because your competitors for sure will.

Local search results are different from the normal search results we see in Google Search. They are created in a Google My Business account.
Being listed on GMB is a core element of local SEO because you want your business to show up in Google Searches. Having a Google business listing is similar to being listed in online business directories such as Yelp.

The key difference between GMB and other directories is that - because this is Google we’re talking about - your Google My Business listing is super-charged.  It can be incredibly detailed, and information from it can be output by Google into a variety of very important places with high online visibility.
Google’s business listings are displayed on a platform called Google My Business. Besides having a GMB listing, Google also offers to let you create a free GMB website.

In Google My Business you get the opportunity to show the information of your business as well as decide how that information will be displayed.
The information you put on this platform for your listing can appear in a variety of places in the search engine, including the knowledge panel, the local pack, and Google Maps.

So what are the knowledge panel, the local pack, and Google Maps?
Google Knowledge Panel

When someone runs a search specifically for your business name, then this is the information box that appears to the top-right of the search results (on desktop) or near the top of the page on mobile. 
This is called the knowledge panel because it displays the most important information for your business, including your address, hours of operation, phone number, website, link to directions, and other important information that varies somewhat depending on your industry.

Google Local Pack

When someone runs a localized search, then 3 business listings will show up under the map. These are called the Google Local Pack (sometimes called the “3-pack”).
Google Maps

You can use Google Maps (the app, desktop, and mobile web versions) if you are looking for directions or if you want to find out more about a specific business and its location.
You go to maps.google.com and type in the name of the company in the search bar. Or, if you want a list of companies to select from, you type something like “Boca Raton roofer” and then click on the name of a company to open the knowledge panel. There are two places where you can click on Directions - either in the list or in the knowledge panel.

Why is Google My Business important?
Google My Business will help the local business owner maintain or grow their business. First, it is a free tool offered by Google. GMB will help your business by increasing overall visibility and making it extremely easy for customers to find information about you in an easy and fast way.
And it makes you visible on Google really fast. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the ways to get ranked on the first page of Google. Unfortunately, it can take up to six months to get any results.
When listing for Google MY Business it only takes days to get approved and to show up on the front page of Google in the Google Business Area.
Besides showing a lot of information about your business, GMB will also show contact information, reviews, directions, what times are the busiest during the day, and much more.

What are the benefits of GMB for local businesses?


Anyone can enter your business name and claim it on Google, so the sooner you set up your own GMB listing, the more likely it will not be taken by someone else in the future.


If you don’t have a Google My Business listing, you won’t show up on Google Maps or the local pack, and also there is the possibility that the knowledge panel created by Google is incorrect or sparsely populated.

These listings are eye-catching and can give your customer a ton of information, and it doesn't cost you anything.

Customer reviews

Google My Business lets you collect reviews from customers of your products or services. Reviews are something that can convince potential customers to buy.
Reviews have been shown to be one of the main methods of influence in 2020. Searchers love to see 5-star reviews, and the more you have of those the better your product will sell.

It has also been reported that reviews are a key ranking factor for local pack results, so most businesses simply need to have high rating reviews to show a strong signal of trust to customers.

After seeing all the benefits that Google My Business has to offer you, there is no time to waste to set up your free account and get started.
If you have any questions or want us to manage your GMB account, please contact us.